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July 11, 2012 by kvaught   

I watched an on-line conference entitled Everything Apps for the K12 Educator.  The entire 20 minutes was devoted to giving an overview of educational Apps in a variety of content areas.  In each area, the speaker highlight a few Apps she has found to be excellent resources.  I can hardly wait to try out some of the Apps and share what I learned with my co-workers.

The format of the on-line conference is appealing to me.  First of all, the sessions are 20 minutes a piece.  While I might not be able to commit to an hour webcast, I can find 20 minutes to work on something.  My attention and retention rate are also higher when the sessions are shorter.  It goes without saying that being able to click on the title of a session I have chosen is a luxury.  If I don’t like the content or the speaker’s voice, I exit out and try a different session.  No time or money was wasted.


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